09 Oct

If you are the type of person who loves to discover things, then surely you know that even before we learn how to make glass, we already know how to make alcohol. And because of this, during the ancient time, if they want to drink alcohol, they use whatever material they come as vessel for their fermented alcoholic drinks such as wine, mead as well as ale. Not wanting to throw away some parts of the animal or animals they religiously and diligently hunt, ancient people figured out how to make use of tools that can gouge the horns of animals so that they can use it horns for drinking.According to history, they said that drinking horns have been in existence for two thousand six hundred years already, however there is a big possibility of them being in existence much longer than the preempted date. For all those times, drinking horns have been used just as a normal and convenient drinking vessel to a symbolic and meaningful reminder of the revered past. These drinking horns have been made by using various materials by ancient societies all around the world. Some of these materials come from real animal horns while there are also those that are using metal and glass. Learn more about Viking symbols or elder futhark.

Albeit the fact that drinking horns are viewed as one of the most remarkable things in the ancient culture of different civilizations across the globe, the most notable ones being the Romans, the Scandinavians and the Greeks as well, if you are going to look for their history, you better start with the Scythians and the Thracians as well. Regardless of whether it is in the very distant past or today, many observe drinking horns as something  that play a significant parts of prominence all throughout the varying cultures.

Now, with regards to matters concerning how drinking horns are made, there are actually quite a number of important factors to consider. For horns of animals such as buffalo, cow or ox, in order for these horns to become drinking horns, the inner core must first be removed. How to do it? Well, you need to boil the whole horn or to soak it in a boiling water and then scrape out the soften marrows. After you have taken out the soften marrow and everything that is present inside the horns, you need to soften it again by means of using heat and then pressed so that you can form it to your desired shape. In the case of the Viking drinking horn, the animal horn is left in its original shape, not to mention that there is not a need for it to be heat-treated. Continue reading more details on this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valknut.

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