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09 Oct

As a matter of fact, symbols had a special part in the Viking culture. Actually, the Norse people used different symbols for various purposes. For instance, they used symbols to represent their faith, ask for protection from their gods, as well as instilling fear. Actually, the symbols were thought to have powers. Just like all other societies. Viking symbols have an important role in their image and symbolic representations.

Basically, symbols are signs that convey so much meaning about a culture. The Norse people used them to represent their myths, gods, and beliefs. They carved these symbols on exes, swords, runestones, and other precious items to them. Today, you can find these Norse symbols on jewelry. Actually, Sons of Vikings offer a variety of options where you can choose the jewelry you want.

Although the Viking jewelry has been popular, this popularity has gone even higher today. While some of the Viking symbols remain mysterious, others have clear meanings. The following are some of the meanings of the symbols used by the Norse people.

1. Thor's hammer.

This is symbol represented the power of their god over thunder and lightning. Among the Norse people, Thor is an ancient god and a prominent figure of war. Thor was also a fertility god as well as the storm-weather god. Therefore, Thor's hammer, Mjolnir is one of the fearsome weapons which can level mountains. The Mjolnir was magical in that, it came back to Thor whenever he threw it. Find the best drinking horn or learn more about Norse symbols.

2. Valknut.

This was the Viking symbol that represented death in a battle. Actually, the symbol is associated with a death of a worrier in battle. This symbol was found in funerary steles as well as on carvings of the old Norse stone. However, Valknut is also thought to provide protection against spirits. Because of this, it is usually worn as a talisman jewelry.

3. The Helm of Awe.

This is a symbol of protection. Actually, it is one of the powerful Viking symbols for protection. It was not only used to protect people against diseases but to encourage those suffering from anxiety or depression. The Norse people wore it between the eyes in order to cause fear to their enemies.

4. Huginn and Muninn.

The hugin is believed to be a symbol of memory while the Munin represented thought. The supreme god Odin would send them out every day. They would fly across the various worlds to get important news and events. They would then return in the evening and whisper what they heard. You can read more on this here: https://www.ehow.com/how_8540281_make-viking-horn.html.

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